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Preventing possible fires (extinguishing, rescue, first aid, safety) in the business / institution is to prevent possible fires, to educate them in fighting, fighting and rescue by bringing up the correct behavior patterns in the fire, to prevent fires and to intervene at the beginning to keep the loss of life and property at minimum level .

It is the basic training that a fire crew in a business / institution should take.

3 Lesson hours (2 hours narration, 1 hour practice-Must be repeated at least once a year.

Education place:
Establishments of institutions / organizations receiving training.

At the end of the training, the training result report is prepared and the participant education participation / achievement certificate is given.

Experts and trainers with 15 years experience in fire.

Educational subjects:
Combustion and fire
Combustion types and components
Flammable materials and properties
Fire causes and causes
Fire prevention measures
Fire classes and features
Fire types and properties
Fire phases
Danger in the fire place
Extinguishing methods
Extinguishing agents and properties
Fire behavior
Fire notification
Fire evacuation and collection
Business fire organization and the duty of the fire crew
Introducing a business emergency plan
Fire place management
Fire fighting strategies and tactics
Fire fighting vehicles and supplies
Introduction and use of fire protection equipments
Introduction of operation extinguishing system
Use of fire hoses and lances
Use of fire hydrants
Use of indoor fire cabinets
Water and foaming
Introduction and use of fire fighting equipment
Informed and simulated fire drill
Survey and Exam

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