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Fire Risk Analysis;
It is a systematic and comprehensive evaluation study taking into consideration the building class and usage purposes in order to determine the current situation of the fire safety of institutions, organizations and enterprises.

In this study; the following issues are evaluated.
The structural adequacy of the fire safety of the evaluated building and facility,
Sufficiency of fire prevention measures
The adequacy of fire fighting systems, tools and equipment,
The measures to prevent the spread of fire are adequate,
Emergency organization and adequacy of planning,
The adequacy of life and property safety
Knowledge and skills of personnel on fire safety
Location, gender, characteristics of fire hazard
Likelihood of coming to the plaza and severity
The amount of people at risk
Amount of goods under risk
Losses that will occur in case of risk
Measures to be taken in order to take the risk to acceptable level
Fire load and fire size
Fire class
Fire fighting vehicles and materials are determined.
This study provides the opportunity to identify risks and manage risk for institutions, organizations and businesses.
Without fire risk analysis, every step to be taken on fire safety is to fire randomly without seeing the enemy.
If you do not want to live with sadness and suspicions, the first step in your fire safety assessment should be to do a fire risk analysis.

Business Documentation and License Advisory Services
We provide the consultancy services required for the completion of the operation documents and the firms' operations which require the license as soon as possible in the most effective and fast manner.
The Business Document is a compulsory document issued by the Ministry of Labor for workplaces that produce or store all chemical substances irrespective of the number of employees, construction works, mines and quarries and workplaces employing 10 or more employees counted as industrial enterprises. Prior to the receipt of this document, workplaces are subject to a comprehensive examination and their deficiencies should be addressed by determining their deficiencies in terms of 'occupational health and safety'.

Documents required for the operational document:
(May vary depending on the situation of the workplace)

- Work safety training documents for employees
- Employee health reports
- Installation permission project (machine layout)
- Workplace risk assessment report
- Fire drill reports
- Emergency plans
- Work safety board (50 industrial workplaces with staff over it)
- Pressure vessels, lifting devices and electrical ground test reports
- Noise measurement report (noisy work)
- The license is a document issued by the authorized municipalities, in which the operator is assessed in terms of fire, environment and zoning status. Companies applying for a license must have an 'operating document'.

Documents required for registration;
- Application form,
- An example of a site plan marked by a health protection band,
- Fire department report on the necessary measures for fire and explosion,
- Responsible manager contract,
- Emission permit or analysis report,
- Discharge permit or analysis report,
- Opening report to be prepared by the Board.

In addition, if the entities listed in the list under the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated 16/12/2003 and numbered 25318 are the same as those in the first class non-governmental enterprise group, the competent authorities are issuing licenses. Documents in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) .

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