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We provide consultancy services to international standards to determine the risk class of the structures, to create fire scenarios, to select the appropriate system and to take precautions against the oil.

We are designing the fire protection systems designed to be constructed in accordance with the leading and respected international fire standards, with the support of up-to-date account and design software, with the expert staff cadres.

Material Acquisition:
Çillioğlu Fire is provided from international companies with the highest technology in terms of fire protection systems equipments and representations in our country. In addition, thanks to our current inventory policy, we can provide fast spare parts and material service.

As Çillioğlu Fire, we provide the necessary supervision service for the installation of fire protection system equipments.

Application and Assembly:
We can also provide specialist fire extinguishing and detection systems for turnkey installation, which we provide.

Installed fire protection systems Çillioğlu Fire personnel performs the function test by applying the commissioning test procedures and the systems are delivered to the user in the working state.

Contracted Maintenance:
In order that the fire protection systems installed in the buildings can be operated efficiently and at various times for many years, we provide periodical maintenance service with padding.

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