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  • Choosing a fire extinguisher? - You can get free help from our company for the selection of fire extinguishers in buildings and work places. We can determine and report on this matter. There is no charge for the installation of fire extinguishers on the walls.
  • How can we get fire training? - Our company provides 3 hours of training with video and slide views at the facilities of the institutions and organizations that receive training. Following this training, TS 862 standard fire extinguishing application with fire extinguishing devices, fire extinguishing devices are used to the trainees, self-confidence in the users and the satisfaction of being successful is overcome.
  • How many times can we use fire extinguishers? - Dry chemical fire extinguisher can be used once. If you use 1 kg. Or half of a 6 kg fire extinguisher, you escape the gas in the extinguisher and drain the pressure. After 1-2 hours the extinguisher is completely empty. Filling is absolutely necessary.
  • How should the fire extinguisher wall hang? - According to new standards, the fire extinguisher tubes are 90 cm from the floor. wall and wall mounting must be done.
  • How many square meters of fire extinguisher should I have in our company? - At least 1 fire extinguisher must be provided in every 100 m2 area.
  • What should I do after I get the fire extinguisher? - Place where the fire extinguishers are located should be marked, numbered, fire prevention materials should be prepared and it is advised to hang the fire cabinets and fire extinguishers in front of the premises in general and not to stack them in front of these materials.
  • Should I take fire training for our company personnel? - According to the fire regulations, a fire crew should be established and educated in all the companies with 50 employees.
  • Do I need to get any supplies for the fire crew? - In your fire crew, you should definitely wear clothes, gloves, masks, helmets, boots, etc. in accordance with the fire regulations. protective equipment must be provided.
  • Can we use elevators as escape routes during the fire? - Turkey should fire prevention regulation Article 31; Elevators can not be considered an escape route. Windows and parapet height up to 120 cm above the building and open to the security zone outside the building, at a maximum height of 3 m above the outer surface, at least 90 cm in height of the glass and 90 cm in height can be considered escape routes unless otherwise specified.
  • What should we determine the number of fire exits in our company? - Turkey should fire prevention regulation Article 32; Unless otherwise stated, at least two doors will be found to reach outlets in all places where 50 persons are exceeded, in entertainment places such as cinemas, theaters, bars and high risk places where 25 persons are exceeded. The doors will be as far from each other as possible, and the two doors will not appear to be at a narrower angle than 45 degrees from any point.

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