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Dry Chemical Powder Fixed Extinguishing Systems
It is a system that can be applied in total fooding-volume protection (closed volume) and local application-regional (open space) protection methods with pre-engineered flexible design and installation to combat fires A, B and C class. The dry chemical fire extinguishing system is a more effective and inexpensive system than the gas and water extinguishing systems. It is effective and has a wide range of uses. Design-installation-commissioning and maintenance are short-term effortless systems.

It is very effective in class A, B and C fires. It is an extinguisher which does not mix with water and does not produce toxic products during quenching. It has been determined that the tests performed are 2 times more effective than the CO2 gas extinguishing system and 4 to 5 times more effective than the water extinguishing system.
Scope of application
* Gas Filling Fields, * Industrial Vehicles, * Mechanical Chambers, * Flammable Liquid Warehouses, * Painting Cabinets, * Conveyor - Belt System Paint Furnaces and Drying Facilities, * Flammable Flammable Materials Manufacturing Areas and Process Lines, * Some Production Fields at Refineries , * Helicopter Landing Platforms (Heliped), * Pharmaceutical, Food, Printing and Plastics Industry Facilities, * Chemical, Paint, Rubber and Plastics Industry Facilities, * Generator Chambers, * Pump Chambers, * Chamber Chambers, * Transformer Chambers.
How is it extinguishing?
Dry chemical systems break the chain of chemical reaction that occurs during the fire and stop the ignition and additionally cut off the flames' air contact by forming a layer on the burning materials. In the volume preservation method, dry chemical which discharges all the volume creates an atmosphere in which the environment can not continue. In liquid fires protected by partial protection method, it interacts with the flammable liquid, bringing a soapy layer on the surface and preventing the flaming of the liquid. This layer formed on the flammable media also provides cooling of the surfaces.
How does it work?
In the event of a fire, the mechanical or electrical excitation release mechanism from the detection line allows the gas to penetrate the trigger line of the propellant gas cartridge by opening the mouth of the propellant cartridge and to open the valves of the cylinders containing the dry chemistry of the pneumatic trigger by gas pressure. The tubes are stored pressurized with dry chemical nitrogen gas. The system can be fully automatic, pneumatic and / or manual (manual) switched on. The system can be switched on, depending on its accessories: stopping the fans, preventing the supply of electricity to the appliances or the room, shutting down various inputs / outputs, shutting off gas inputs, giving audible and visual alarms, and so on.
What should be taken into account when using?
Considering the harmful effects of other extinguishing systems on nature, man and equipment, considerations should be given to the use of these systems: * The risk of building up chemical compounds that can harm the system should not be mixed with chemicals of different types. * However, when used in very humid environments, it may cause corrosion if not cleaned in a short period of time * Corrosive effects may be observed on sensitive surfaces if not cleaned in a short time * Dry chemical systems are not effective in extinguishing chemicals with free oxygen radicals in their contents (eg cellulose nitrate) * In metal fires Potassium, Titanium, Zirconium) is not an effective method. * To be able to keep the dry chemical surface in an environment where ordinary combustibles can continue to deep-seated fire dry chemicals may not be a suitable extinguisher to protect devices exposed to dust from electrical contacts.
How is it cleaned?
The nature and urgency of the cleaning process is determined against the specificity and sensitivity of the equipment. All electrical switches must be unplugged before commencing the cleaning operation to ensure that the current is switched off. In addition, cleanliness criteria must be obtained and applied by the manufacturer of the equipment in the vicinity in order to ensure proper cleaning.

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